After that weekend, the entire world had to do a retake as we reconsidered the existence of white supremacy in America. We now take this horrible reality seriously. We had a wake up call when these neo-Nazis showed their true faces in Charlotteville. These wretched people, in order to intimidate and desecrate minority communities, murdered innocent, unsuspecting people. Yes they did! But they will suffer their consequences. They take themselves seriously, so we must, as a nation and as a world, take them seriously as well. Those horrible souls slithered their way into this community where human beings live, work, love, and interact with one another to spread horror, hatred, and distrust. They armed themselves with assault rifles, hardware,  guns, and camouflage. These armed so-called mercenaries marched through a college campus with torches lit, yelling Nazi-like obscenities as slogans, screaming phrases like, “You will not replace us.”

Today however, we live in our world as adults who will not allow their ugliness to go unpunished,. No, their ugliness will not separate and their hatred will not horrify, as it would have years ago. Now their ugliness will be dealt with. Regardless to what those in Power say or don’t say, intelligent, courageous, outrageous people have been born and raised into this world, we are here and we are no joke. Now, just watch to see what will happen in response to that hatred. Nothing illegal, nothing unethical, nothing immoral, No,  the hot iron will strike hitting its targets, because we now have alegal system that was built with our blood, sweat, and tears: we will use it to fight our battles…Stay Tuned!!!

By Shirley Gale

Journalist, WILD TV Studios