I have walked side-by-side, hand and hand, with murder for over 32 years. My seven-year-old son was victim to unsolved murder. You see, I’ve even learned how to say the phrase without dying inside when I hear it spew from my lips. A single Murder of a single human being affects from dozens to millions of people in one action. Mothers, Fathers, Siblings, Lovers, Partners, are all devastated by the act. I and my two daughters were terrorized by my son’s murder and still are. We will never survive it without indescribable pain. We finally know this to be true which has healed us; well as much as we will ever heal. For years I hated anyone I thought might be party to murder of any kind, for any reason. I walked in fury until I couldn’t walk no more. I landed in a Psyche hospital ward for a month and was moved to a live-in residence for a couple of years. I have swallowed anti-psychotic medicines, and sit in a few thousand therapy sessions for over 25 years. I’ve screamed in my pillow almost daily for years…I know the impact of murder.

Reading what I’ve written thus far, you may think that this is going to be an article that attacks the murderer, attacks the system of government, that screams out for gun control and the like, but it is not. It is a call out to all of mankind to take a non-violent stand against murder. Murderers, in most, if not all, cases are victims too. There, I’ve said it; I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we will never stop the vicious cycle of murder is we do not grasp this critically important truth. Once we get it and get it with all our hearts, we can then speak out all over the earth to call for pledges from all of mankind to stand up together to heal our land from this devastating disease, to heal the fledgling murderer before he or she attacks and to treat the victimized perpetrators who we didn’t get to in time to save. It is time to MAKE A THUNDEROUS NOISE!!!

My name is Aasia Stormm. I have written a remarkable book that will change humanity’s response to murder. This book is like no other book you have read on the subject of murder, murderers, or victims of murder. Please read this paragraph from the three hundred pages of “Exacerbate; From Victim to Killer”…

We fail ourselves, our God, and each other when we watch others starve while we eat. This kind of antithetical of accountability is immoral and sadistic. We should be taught from our youth through to adulthood that the “Pursuit of Happiness” is a God-Given gift that every human being has inalienable right to. Our World Leaders must be obligated to lead in this fashion, or we fail as a Nation, as a World. Everyone desires and needs a Strong leader, but no one desires to follow a “trader to humanity”, we may attempt to fake the follow, but we humans, who innately know we are all equal, will eventually realize injustice and lash out…Hence, the MURDERER!…

On sell in book stores July 4th, 2019 Independence Day…

Aasia Gale Stormm, MSP



After that weekend, the entire world had to do a retake as we reconsidered the existence of white supremacy in America. We now take this horrible reality seriously. We had a wake up call when these neo-Nazis showed their true faces in Charlotteville. These wretched people, in order to intimidate and desecrate minority communities, murdered innocent, unsuspecting people. Yes they did! But they will suffer their consequences. They take themselves seriously, so we must, as a nation and as a world, take them seriously as well. Those horrible souls slithered their way into this community where human beings live, work, love, and interact with one another to spread horror, hatred, and distrust. They armed themselves with assault rifles, hardware,  guns, and camouflage. These armed so-called mercenaries marched through a college campus with torches lit, yelling Nazi-like obscenities as slogans, screaming phrases like, “You will not replace us.”

Today however, we live in our world as adults who will not allow their ugliness to go unpunished,. No, their ugliness will not separate and their hatred will not horrify, as it would have years ago. Now their ugliness will be dealt with. Regardless to what those in Power say or don’t say, intelligent, courageous, outrageous people have been born and raised into this world, we are here and we are no joke. Now, just watch to see what will happen in response to that hatred. Nothing illegal, nothing unethical, nothing immoral, No,  the hot iron will strike hitting its targets, because we now have alegal system that was built with our blood, sweat, and tears: we will use it to fight our battles…Stay Tuned!!!

By Shirley Gale

Journalist, WILD TV Studios

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PRAYERS FOR ELLIE: Sending Kyle Home



Family is one of the most important things in this world. And during hard times, a family should be together, without worries of money or work or anything else that takes away from taking care for those you love most.

Ellie Walton is the face of strength. She was born on December 21, 2012 – the second, beautiful daughter to Sarah and Kyle. At 4-months-old Ellie was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Infantile Ganglioglioma/Astrocytoma – a brain tumor that grew to a 1/3rd the size of her brain. Her diagnosis has resulted in 28 rounds of chemo, over 17 surgeries, and radiation. Ellie is now 4-years old and doesn’t know much outside of life of cancer. Her family is praying for a holiday miracle.

Ellie has been in our hearts for a while. We first introduced you to Ellie when Talk It Up TV decided it was only fair to give this angel a gift of kindness. We surprised Ellie with a day full of just being a kid as we threw her an Alice In Wonderland themed tea party. It was magical, and seeing her smile was the most beautiful thing we could ask for.