We understand that timing is everything when it comes to our budgets, but is also everything when it comes to production, and sometimes the everything gets in the way of best made plans, so this form gives you the ability to pledge to purchase this important book, so when it is ready for shipment you will be notified that it is ready for immediate delivery on Lulu, Amazon, and in major bookstores. Fill out this form to pledge to purchase Exacerbate, a book that has answers to the untouchable mysteries around Murder. Millions of people right here in America are in agony over the brutal murders of their Loved Ones. We need each other to make our lives safe again. Purchase Exacerbate to get proof perfect that murder can be stopped BEFORE IT REACHES YOUR DOOR…

Fill in the form below first and we will alert you at your requested time as a reminder to purchase your book. This is a huge book not only in physical size and page quantity, but it is a huge book in significance and importance.

Fill out the form to make the pledge because it will count toward the number of books sold or promised to help us reach important goals. I thank you for caring enough to help Victims heal…


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My Personal Experience with Violence
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